LOADpro Bundle - Tester + Book Electronic Specialties 181

LOADpro® Bundle - Dynamic Test Leads and Fundamental Electrical Troubleshooting Book
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  • Features and Benefits:

    • LOADpro® Test Leads load the circuit to see if current can flow
    • LOADpro® identifies these problems fast: High corrosive resistance, Shorts to ground and Open circuits
    • By loading the circuit, LOADpro® makes a voltage drop test “on the fly”, just press the switch – the test results can not lie!
    • Includes ESI182 FET book - 200 pages of basic electricity explained in a way that make it useful in the shop
    • SteadyPin Probe Tips

    LOADpro® performs voltage drop test with the push of a button. On a 12 Volt system, pressing the switch applies a load of approximately .5 Amps across the circuit. This simple test finds problems in corroded wires/connections and shorts to ground. Works with your existing Digital Multimeter. Instead of a pointed probe, SteadyPin tips have a small recess at the tip that allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin. Traditional pointed probes fail to give an effective connection and creates difficulties in completing manufacturer specific voltmeter tests.

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